Built on a 30 year history and experience in its line of action sports products and apparel, Jet Pilot Workwear is the latest and greatest in safety wear, whilst maintaining the quality that made Jet Pilot famous. With meticulous design, serious attention to safety, fits for purpose and a progressive commitment our environment with sustainable production and quality apparel that lasts, Jet Pilot creates the gear for the work makers who love life in the sun.

Jet Pilot believes Friday is the best day of the week. An expression of a lifestyle without limitation. Protect yourself, express yourself, through the clothing you wear. They manufacture some of the best selling workwear in Australia. Jet Pilot Workwear combines the worksite camaraderie with the tradesman functionality.
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Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety offers you the choice of Jet Pilot Workwear’s most popular styles including utility pants, cuffed pants, utility shorts, work shorts, work tees and work hoodies. You have never seen workwear like this before!